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Entering the video help (it open web site Simple Shop - Help).

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Enter bill TS (v1.9.4.0)

Enter bill TS services (v1.9.4.0)

Enter bill A4 (v1.9.4.0)

Enter bill A4 services (v1.9.4.0)

Video Help arranged by category:

Enter bill (v1.3.4.7)
Products (v1.3.4.7)
Customers (v1.3.4.7)
Bills (v1.3.4.7)
Employees (v1.3.4.7)
Warehouse (v1.3.4.7)
Settings - help (v1.3.4.7)

Video help:

Software Installation [v1.1.5.0; 1 minute 26 seconds]

Software upgrade process [v0.9.9.1 -> v1.1.5.0; 4 minutes 25 seconds]

Settings [v1.1.5.0; 2 minutes 36 seconds]

The basic program features presentation [v1.1.5.0; 10 minutes 5 seconds]

See the basic use of the program [v0.9.8; 16 minutes 25 seconds]

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